Why should you care about technology?


Staying Connected



Family Chats

Distance is no longer any reason not to see your family. Thanks to Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, and others you can hold a family video meeting with members from anywhere in the world. Grandparents rejoice!

Smarter Email

Using a third-party email service to handle your email can mean the difference between 1,000 spam messages in your inbox or none at all. Thanks for services like Gmail your email is “stress-tested” to make sure there are no unwanted virus attachments or viagra offers delivered to your inbox. The best part; you can redirect your old email straight to your new one so you won’t miss a single message.


Peace of Mind



Keep a Watchful Eye

A surveillance system isn’t just for catching a robber. With multiple live views of your home available on your smartphone you can be alerted when someone visits, a tree has fallen, or if a package was delivered. With 24-hour recording at HD quality, you won’t ever miss a thing.


Be Alerted

Besides being alerted to a possible intruder, installing many types of new technology can help you rest assured your home is ok. Pressure sensors to detect pipe leaks, smart smoke detectors that can alert the entire house, automatic bolt locks to see who is coming and going.


Parental Controls

It is inevitable, your kids will eventually get smartphones. The plus side? You can now manage how those devices are used, approve/disapprove app purchases, and even get real-time GPS data on their locations. Smartphones aren’t the only devices to have parental controls. Tablets, computers, TVs and even game systems let parents control game time and ratings too.


Keep Your Data Safe


Personal Backup Systems

With music, photos, and video file sizes getting larger and larger a traditional “backup” of just copying files when you remember to an external drive or disc is no longer good enough. Having some form of a redundant backup system is a must. And at $.01 a month per GB, also having an off-site backup in case of fire or theft isn’t a bad idea either.


Network Lockdown

Making sure your internet connection stays secure is very important. Many routers you can purchase at the store offer some type of administration control to keep others from connecting to your network wirelessly. If you have a wireless router at home, make sure you are using WPA2 when connecting devices.  

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