Automated Home Systems

Control of your entire home at your fingertips !
  • Locking your doors, adjusting the thermostat, opening the garage door, or even closing your blinds is possible from your smartphone from anywhere on the planet! Something as simple as controlling the lights in different areas around your house can now happen remotely. Paired with a surveillance system you can not only keep an eye on potential problems but also act upon them. Unlock the door for your maid when she forgets her key? No problem! Turn on your outside lights when you will be ariving home late? No problem! On your way home from a long trip and need to make sure the house temperature is set just to your liking? No Problem! Let Advanced Tech Solutions help you bring your home or business into the 21st century with a home automation kit.
  • Controlling your home isn’t reserved just for tasks when you are away. Enable your home to adjust to your lifestyle based the time of day or the task at hand. Ready to watch a movie and need the mood just right? Let your home theater dim the lights, close the blinds and lock the doors to make sure you aren’t disturbed. Having a thermostat that can detect when you are in the house or away can auto-set itself to help save energy.


  • Consulting of new installations.
  • Device installation.
  • Education on implementing and using the new system.