Intranet Infrustructure

Keeping all of your company's devices connected
  • Gone are the days of keeping your photos in a shoebox or photo album. Your music and videos are no longer sitting on discs and tapes on shelves. Now all of our memories and important documents  live on our computers and mobile devices. All it could take is dropping your phone in water, or having your laptop bag stolen and all of your information is lost.
  • Let Advanced Tech Systems show you how easy it is to create and store backups of all your important data, securely. With a local RAID configured NAS (network attached storage) system all of your files will not only be backed up redundantly in your home, but can also be backed up remotely. For as little as 1¢ per GB per month you can store all of your important information on servers all over the world in case of a fire or theft. Don’t wait until it’s too late! Have Advanced Tech Systems install a personalized backup system for you today!


  • Consultation to find the best solution for your needs
  • Installation of a RAID NAS system
  • Configuring devices to work and connect to the system
  • Education on how to use the new system