Why your company needs to stay ahead of the curve.



Efficiency Boosted


More Bandwidth

Gigabit networks allow 100x faster network speeds than fast (10/100) network speeds.

Stream More Data

Allowing more throughput with more users can greatly increase the amount of data that is passed through your network. This includes streaming video, large data files, and of course internet access.

Remove The Bottleneck

With more devices connecting to the network, more and more data is pushed not only remotely but locally as well within your local network. Upgrading your network to a Gigabit network removes a potential bottleneck and allows your employees to work smoothly without interruption.






Video & Group Chats

Using group video conferencing services to meet with clients or other employees can ease distance barriers and make sure everyone is on the same page. No need to even leave your desk, just log in to the meeting and you are instantly available.

Working Together

Software and web apps allow you to create project portals where teams of employees can meet, share and collaborate to help make each work hour more efficient and even more enjoyable.






Get Access Anywhere

Partnered with enterprise cloud software and apps your employees can have access to all project data at any time on their tablets and smartphones.

Save Money

At half or less the cost of a laptop, you can instead purchase a tablet that will still give you access to email, files, spreadsheets, and other enterprise cloud services. Cellular connectivity is available.

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